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DiMarzio Area T Neck (Chrome) for Telecaster
Price: $89.99
Shipping $1.99
DiMarzio Area T Telecaster NECK Pickup - Chrome Cover DP417C

Classic Tele Neck Tone and Looks, with Hum-free Performance!
The DiMarzio Area T humbucking electric guitar pickup gives you warm, neck-position Tele tone without muddiness - or hum! The Area T provides both richness and clarity to give your Tele just the right amount of smoothness to go with the bite of its bridge pickup. It comes with a vintage-style chrome cover, allowing your Tele to retain its classic good looks. Whether you're going for twang, smoky jazz, or overdriven rock.

Dimarzio believe the Area 58™ and Area 61™ are a major step forward in the performance of hum-canceling Strat® replacement pickups. The new technology that went into these models has allowed Dimarzio to make a similar advance with Telecaster® replacement pickups. The Area T™ Neck has the combination of clarity and warmth that Telecaster® players have always sought, and the new technology allows us to include a vintage Tele® cover with no sacrifice in sound quality or power.
The contrast between a warm neck pickup tone and a biting bridge pickup sound is a Tele® hallmark, but it's hard to achieve if the neck pickup is muddy. The Area T™ Neck Model has a very smooth tone, but its ability to remain clear even with heavy overdrive is an essential quality of Area design. The Area T™ was designed to work with 250K controls, but treble response and output can be increased by using 500K volume and tone controls
Recommended For - Standard Tele® Neck position
Wiring - 4 Conductor
Magnet - Alnico 2
Resistance - 7.83 Kohm
Output mV - 95
Bass - 6.0       Mid - 5.5        Treble - 7.0