Tele® Twang without the noise!

These guitar pickups deliver the vintage Tele vibe and twang, without the noise commonly associated with it. Black bridge pickup and Chrome Neck Pickup. All the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise. Smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain and thick, fat neck character.

The Lace Sensor TN-100 and TN-150 pickups take off where traditional pickup tech stops. Utilizing the Sensor technology (Micro Matrix Combs and Barium Ferrite magnets), these pickups have all the sonic heart and soul of the vintage classics, but with more power, and of course, no noise.

Music Styles: Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, Fusion
Think: Tom Petty, Andy Summers, Page, Mike Stern, Roy Buchannan, Danny Gatton.
Sound: Smooth attack, glassy warmth, & full sweet sustain.
Traditional tone & clarity without the noise

Position: Neck, Bridge
Colors: Black Bridge and Chrome Neck


Position: neck TN-100
Resistance: 6.5k
Peak Frequency: 3380
Inductance: 3.1 henries

Position: bridge TN-150
Resistance: 12.8k (Hot)
Peak Frequency: 2100
Inductance: 6.58 henries

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Lace Sensor Tele Plus Guitar Pickup Set, TN-100 Neck + TN-150 Bridge
Lace Sensor Tele Plus Guitar Pickup Set
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