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Kluson Revolution 3+3 Locking Tuners - Nickel
TonePros METRIC Pre-Notched Tuneomatic Bridge & Tailpiece Set - Gold

This Set fits most Epiphone and Imported Les Pauls and 335's.
It does not fit USA Gibson guitars(see the LPGM04-GLD in my store for USA Gibson)

The TonePros System II Bridge and Tailpiece components come as a package set, ready to install on your guitar. The package includes:
1. TonePros Patent Issued System II Bridge with matching threaded adjustment posts.
2. TonePros Patent Issued System II Tailpiece with matching threaded adjustment studs.
3. Allen style adjustment tool for use with both bridge and tailpiece. The LPM02 includes the TonePros T3BT Bridge and T1Z Tailpiece. These matched bridge and tailpiece are metric thread and fit most overseas guitars without modification.

This is the new locking version of the standard Tune-O-Matic and Tailpiece that secures solidly to your guitar and won't come loose or fall off when the strings are removed. These TonePros System II Components are the same that you will find installed on all the top new guitars direct from the factory. These bridges & tails are the finest quality OEM components and lock in solid creating perfect intonation and singing sustain. This set fits your Epiphone Les Paul, SG, 335,as well as most other import guitars with large posts and metric threads. However Epiphone have manufacturing facility's in various countries in Asia and they do not stick to the standard spec.

Please check the measurements below and confirm they will fit your guitar before purchasing.
Bridge Post Thread: 8mm x 1.25 Metric (Adjust with flathead screwdriver)
Bridge Post to Post Spacing: 2.93 inches/ 74mm
Saddle Notch: Pre-Notched Saddles
Saddle Material: Zmac
Bridge Material: Zmac
Bridge Post/Thumbwheel Material: Brass
Radius: 12 Inch
Bridge String Spread: Approx. 10.4mm

Tailpiece Stud Thread: 8mm x 1.25 Metric
Tailpiece Stud to Stud Spacing: 3.22 inches/ 82mm
Tailpiece Material: Zmac
Stud Material: Brass
TonePros Metric Pre-Notched Locking T-O-M Bridge & Tailpiece Set - Gold
Price: $87.95
Shipping $7.45