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Gotoh GE1996T Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo Bridge and Locking Nut - CHROME
The Gotoh Floyd Rose® Licensed Locking Tremolo is an amazing unit. It takes what Floyd Rose originally designed and takes it to that next step.What makes it even better is that it is cheaper than the Original Floyd Rose and Schaller models.

Gotoh have built their version of the Floyd Rose with hardened steel plate and saddles, and a lower profile tailpiece than the original Floyd Rose. This results in great tone and sustain,comfortable playability, and the knife edges won’t wear out quickly like a lot of the licensed Pot Metal models out there.

A 40mm brass sustain block also helps the Gotoh unit achieve a strong cutting tone, and it also adds to the sustain of the guitar.

The Gotoh version also offers superior tuning stability due to their locking studs. This patented stud lock makes the tremolo feel more solid and eliminates the studs turning in the inserts after setup.

Another unique feature is the design of the internally threaded tremolo arm. Gotoh’s design is by far the best out there. No screwing in the arm, and it coming loose after some use, the Gotoh has a holder with a grub screw designed to tighten or loosen the grip on the thread-less tremolo arm. this ensures minute, precise adjustments to suit your playing style, and the tremolo bar will stay where you like it for far longer than the other designs.

Overall, the Gotoh Floyd Rose®Licensed Locking Tremolo offers the best value for money. It gives you rock solid tuning stability, and fantastic cutting tone and sustain for a lot less money than either the Schaller or the original Floyd Rose.

Chrome Finish.
Specially processed Hardened steel saddles.
String spacing 10.8mm
Patented Stud lock.
Stud spacing 74mm (2-15/16”)
40 mm Block
1-5/8” Locking Nut (Included)
Stud Inserts - 11mm (7/16”)
Gotoh Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo Bridge & Locking Nut CHROME SKU: SB-5300-010
Price: $119.95
Shipping $8.95