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Set of 2 WD Music Gold Barrel knobs
Price: $12.95
Shipping $2.99
Set of 2 WD Music Gold Barrel Knobs for Solid Shaft USA Pots
Brand new quality US made Telecaster Barrel Knobs. Gold plated metal knobs for US Telecaster & P-Bass. They are drilled to fit 1/4 in. U.S. solid shaft pots and with the sleeves, they will also fit metric (6mm) shafts and USA split shaft pots.
I have used various brands, but these are the best.


Gold Barrel Knob Set (2 Knobs)
Fits solid shaft pots and split shaft pots and tightens with an Allen screw.
Fits all US (.25") and metric (6mm) solid and USA split shaft pots with the included brass adapter sleeves